Odorless, safe and environmentally friendly silicone kitchenware

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Silicone kitchenware are a type of product with high market demand in silicone products, which have the characteristics of silicone, as well as certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, environmental protection and safety, and no odor ,Flexible and durable,High temperature resistance,ECO- Friendly characteristic.

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Silicone kitchenware have been widely used in kitchen daily life, and their practicality and safety have been favored by the public.

The silicone material has passed the European LFGB environmental protection certification, and has undergone processes such as high-temperature plasticity and vulcanization, making the product odorless,Workers strictly control the production of high-quality silicone pads by machinery.

The work of forging and vulcanization is actually lengthy and meticulous in the early stages. Firstly, starting from product selection, after analyzing and selecting the popular sales directions in the current market, we finally chose to make kitchen mats, and then handed the samples to the mold master for measurement, depicting the 3D effect of the product, without any carelessness in the middle. After confirming the product design, it is necessary to customize the mold that was just made, and the production time is usually 15-30 days. Only after polishing can the mold be allowed to be put into production for use.

During production, workers strictly control the production temperature and time, and only after long-term vulcanization can they obtain a high-quality and demanding silicone kitchenware。
Usually, customers also conduct safety performance tests on our kitchenware. We will send samples according to the customer's requirements and conduct physical or chemical tests on the products, including their hardness, wear resistance, chemical testing for heavy metals and toxic odors. We will conduct tests according to different customer requirements. Our kitchen supplies have met the food requirements of the US FDA and the European LFGB,

After production is completed, workers will pack according to the requirements, load them into designated outer boxes in batches, and transport them overseas for sales

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Silicone Kitchenware
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